5 Star Discount Dancewear collects information about you to ensure that you’re shopping experience is a positive one.

Privacy and Security Statement:

What information we collect from you, the customer: When you place an order with us, you provide us with your name, address, phone number, email address and credit card information. If you create an account with 5 Star Discount Dancewear, you authorize us to store all of your information including your name, address, phone number, email address and credit card information.

How we use your information once it is collected: The information that we collect from you enables our company to process your orders, and confirm your orders along with staying in touch with you via email to notify you of the status of an order that you may place with 5 Star Discount Dancewear. In order to process your order, we send you an email confirmation giving you the status on the particular order that you place with us. We may also contact you by telephone if we have any particular questions about an order that you have placed with us.

If needed, we share information with governmental agencies and other pertinent companies assisting us in fraud prevention and investigation. 5 Star Discount Dancewear is allowed to share this information when it is required by law, unauthorized transactions, potential fraud or by fraud that has already been committed.

Email to you from 5 Star Discount Dancewear: We may email you to inform you of incentives or monthly specials that we are offering to our customers. We will inform you of these incentives or specials via email. If you are not already registered with 5 Star Discount Dancewear, all you need to do is complete the email sign-up request to receive these great incentives and specials with 5 Star Discount Dancewear. If you would like your name removed from our email list, please go to “My Account” Page to do this.

Our Security Statement: 5 Star Discount Dancewear wants to provide its customers with the most secure and safe shopping experience possible. It is our mission to provide the most effective safety and security measures to our customers.

Buyers can feel secure when doing business with 5 Star Discount Dancewear online because all credit card transactions will be made through a SSL-encrypted connection, which is the standard protocol for providing site authentication and information protection and privacy. These measures are designed to prevent eavesdropping, tampering, and message forgery, ensuring a secure online transaction.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is technology that allows for secure communications and transactions on the Internet. The SSL security certificate is essentially your proof that 5 Star Discount Dancewear offers SSL security.

The two security features that SSL provides:

Encryption-based data exchange – all information, including personal data such as name and credit card info, is scrambled before transmission in such a way that only 5 Star Discount Dancewear is able to read it.
Certificate-based authentication – the identity of 5 Star Discount Dancewear’s server will be confirmed, and 5 Star Discount Dancewear will be validated as the holder of that security certificate.